Matt’s Meal

Shortly after we got married, my husband posed this question to me — “Wouldn’t it be fun to move to Tennessee, grow our own food, harvest our own meat, and see how cheaply we could live off the land?”  I had a simple, one word response — ‘no’.  But I must confess there was tone and attitude with it.  These crazy questions and the banter that follows are the reason why my mom thinks I should write a book.

Fast forward fifteen years.  We just hit the four-year anniversary of moving to Tennessee.  We are on our third summer of having a garden, and I have to admit that we’re getting pretty good at it.


And my husband is really happy.  So last night’s meal was all Matt – blackened fish (that he caught and cleaned), grilled zucchini and squash (from the garden), steamed cabbage (from the garden), and roasted beet salad (beets and lettuce from the garden).

matts meal

After dinner I reminded him of his wish, and he responded with “if ever any meal were worth a blog post, it would be this one.”  My darling – this one is for you.



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