Purple Hull Peas

I first had purple hull peas three summers ago.  Matt planted them in our garden, and thankfully my mom was here when the first batch came in because I had no idea what they were or what to do with them.  She cooked them up like black-eyed peas, and they were quite tasty.  But then the purple hulls really started coming in, and suddenly we were inundated. I tried them dozens of ways and found two recipes that we all loved.

Yesterday, our first batch came in for this season.


As we sat on the kitchen floor, I debated.  Would I try something new or go with one of our favorites?  I decided to go with a favorite — this recipe from the Barefoot Contessa.  I think it is the combination of the Dijon mustard and red wine vinegar.  They have such a distinctive, rich flavor.  The recipe actually calls for French lentils.  When the garden season was over last year, I made it exactly as the recipe stated, and I thought it was good but not great.  I really think it is the purple hulls that make it extra tasty!





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