My Cookies

I am known for my cookies.  Well not the cookie part.  I tend to use whatever recipe I am hooked on at the time.  Currently it is this copycat Levain Bakery recipe posted on  What I am known for is how much chocolate I can stuff into one cookie.  And I can stuff a lot of chocolate into a cookie.  Chocolate chips?  Yes.  Chopped dark chocolate?  Yes.  M & M’s?  Yes.

cookie dough

But here’s the icing on the cake.  I also stuff a candy bar inside.  What?  With the craze of stuffing Oreos, Nutella, even s’mores inside a cookie, why not stuff a candy bar inside?  Plus I use whatever fun-size bars I have on hand, which is usually a mixture.  I never keep track of what I put inside, so bonus — it’s a surprise every time.  My favorites — Milky Way bars and Reese’s Big Peanut Butter Cups.

stuffing cookie

stuffed cookie

Now these cookies are not for the faint of heart.  They are big (I’m only going to allow myself to have one cookie, so it might as well be as large as possible.  Let me add that I ran 7 miles this morning, which is my justification to you.), and they are incredibly chocolatey.  I like a little cookie with my chocolate.  But my husband thinks they are too chocolatey.  Nonsense.  He’s the only one that thinks that — I have friends that request these for birthdays, and I have coworkers that will do just about anything for me in exchange for a few.

baked and cut cookie

This recipe makes about 13-14 large cookies.  While they are always delicious, they are best when warm.  So here’s what I do — after they cool, I put them in the freezer.  Whenever I am craving one (which is pretty often), I pull one out of the freezer and carefully defrost it in the microwave until it is warm and gooey.  Give it a try — just once.  I bet you’ll be hooked too.


3 thoughts on “My Cookies

  1. Lisa

    I love the idea of stuffing a candy bar inside of them! They’re already rich and gooey as is, but I can only imagine how incredible they are with the oozing candy bar! That said, the mystery I have to solve is how Levain makes them so they remain gooey after a day! First few hours = good…thereafter – need nuking! It’s been driving me crazy for years! lol I will eventually figure it out if it kills me! So glad you enjoyed them and they look amazing!

    • barbintn

      Thanks for the kind words! I agree that after a day they lose their gooeyness factor. It’s almost like they get stale – and quickly. That’s why I’ve taken to freezing them. It helps a bit.

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