tomatoes on vine

On Friday, my husband picked a mess of tomatoes.

pile of tomatoes

It wasn’t enough to can salsa, and it was too many for us to just eat.  He suggested marinara.  I hesitated.  I made marinara last summer with fresh tomatoes, and it didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped.

I debated and finally decided to give marinara another try, but this time I took a slightly different approach.  I used my standard recipe — sautéing onions, diced celery and carrots, garlic, salt, and pepper in olive oil.  I blanched the tomatoes, peeled them and then chopped them.  I added the diced tomatoes, some parsley, basil, garlic salt, and more pepper to the vegetable mixture and let it simmer for a good 45 minutes.

chunky marinara

This is where I stopped last year.  I like a chunky sauce.  But last year it was chunky but soupy if that makes sense.  So I let it cool a bit, then I pureed it in the blender and put it back on the stove to simmer another 30 minutes.

blended marinara

I was really pleased at how it turned out.  It thickened slightly, and it had great flavor.  I decided to freeze it.  So now this winter when I would have used canned tomatoes for marinara, I will simply pull a bag of this from the freezer and enjoy.  I’m definitely doing this again.



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