Homemade Jelly

I rope my poor mom into all kinds of food-related adventures. I’ve never asked if she enjoys them or not. I’m afraid she’ll say no, so I just keep on pretending that she does.

Back in May, she texted me a picture of some lovely strawberries she’d picked at a local orchard. “Wish you were here so I could share,” she wrote. I subtly responded with, “Let’s make jelly!” And so the planning began. I was secretly glad. I’ve become quite the food snob. There are several things I refuse to purchase at the grocery store and jelly is one. It simply must be homemade. I had long run out of strawberry preserves and was running low on blackberry jelly.

Now my mom and I differ when it comes to stuff like this. I enjoy the process. I like to make a batch here and a batch there. She likes to get it done. So in two days we made 4 batches of strawberry and 5 batches of blackberry.

The strawberry was much easier to make than the blackberry. We simply washed the berries.

washing strawberries

And solicited some help pushing a button.

Gray food processor

Then started the cooking and canning process. We’d finish one batch and move right into another.

cooking jelly

The blackberry was a bit more involved and required some muscle.

juicing berries

But once they were juiced, it fell into the same routine as the strawberry.

in canner

We stood back and admired our work. I was pleased. I know my dad was pleased. My sister was especially pleased because she scored jelly and didn’t have to do any work. I know my mom was pleased to have her kitchen back. Enjoy it mom – there will be another food-related adventure in the near future.

finished product


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