Putting On The Dog

A few years after we got married, I discovered the Food Network one Saturday morning. It was the best day of Matt’s life. The following Saturday night, instead of going out to eat, I cooked a really nice dinner based on recipes from a couple different shows. A tradition was born, and Matt named it Saturday night “putting on the dog.”

Over the years I’ve made some incredible dishes…..and just a few failures. Pretty good average if I do say so myself. And in that time, I’ve grown to be a huge food snob. I refuse to buy jarred pasta sauce. I now make it from scratch in batches and freeze it. Won’t see any Smuckers in my refrigerator. Only homemade jelly will do. My son wants Swiss Cake Rolls…no worries. I’ll just make a huge one from scratch.

In the beginning, I tried to out-do myself each week. I set the bar so high that it became exhausting. Plus it is easy, after 10+ years of doing this, to get in a rut. So now there is only one rule for “putting on the dog” — there must be at least one new recipe, no matter how easy it is. This past Saturday night was no exception. After a hard day working outside, my family and I sat down to this:

tyler florence roast

peach crisp

Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Pot Roast (first time making), roasted butternut squash, crispy oven baked okra (first time making), and peach crisp. I smiled as my husband and son devoured dinner, raving about how delicious everything was.

So as the garden slows down, look forward to more ‘dog’ meals. And given that for over 10 years I failed to chronical those adventures, I will have to repeat some big successes. More happy days for Matt.


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