It happens to even the best of us – an off cooking day. This past Saturday night’s “Puttin’ on the Dog” consisted of two new recipes – Mozzarella Chicken Rolls and a giant Swiss Cake Roll. I will confess that I have made a Swiss Cake Roll before, and it was a success. But this time I was using a different recipe – one that I thought would be a bit less time consuming given our busy day.

But somewhere along the way I did something wrong because….well look.

swiss cake roll disaster

The thing just split open. I had a moment. . . And then Matt walked in at just the right time and managed to somewhat put it back together on a cookie sheet. Afterward he and Gray stood at the counter using their fingers to mop up all the chocolate ganache and cream filling that had slid everywhere.

Fast forward to dinner. I had trouble stuffing the spinach ricotta mixture into the chicken. Then the filling oozed out while baking so it didn’t have much flavor.  To top it off, even my bread tasted stale.

Chicken Mozzarella Roll

And while it wasn’t a complete disaster (like the time I put in entire can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce when the recipe only called for one single pepper), it was a disappointment. I ate maybe half the food on my plate, and I didn’t even bother to try the cake. But Gray did…and he gave it a

swiss cake roll disaster Gray eating

Of course, keep in mind he’s 7.  But I will not be defeated!  Next Saturday’s meal has already been planned. We have a couple eggplant in the garden just waiting for a special, never been made before recipe. And I WILL be making another Swiss Cake Roll.


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