Snickers Brownies

Everyone that knows me, knows I love chocolate. I do love chocolate. I’ll never turn down chocolate candy. But what I really love is chocolate baked goods – especially brownies. I get that (along with lots of other traits) from my mom. She’s a big brownie freak too. So when I ran across this recipe for snickers brownies, I just had to try it. Really, what’s not to love about this?

The writer of this blog was right, this recipe is a bit of work. Not hard work – there are just several steps, lots of caramel to unwrap, and lots of dishes to wash. But all those dishes – totally worth it.  I made these shortly after Matt had his gallbladder removed.  All my kitchen had seen for days was baked potatoes and baked chicken and rice.  These brownies filled two needs – the need to create something in the kitchen other than boring food, and the need to fill my chocolate tooth.

Here are just a few pictures from this big adventure:

snickers brownies first layer

snickers brownies carmels

snickers brownies melted carmel

snickers brownies nougat

snickers brownies finished

A couple of suggestions should you decide to give this recipe a try. First, make sure you let each layer cool or completely set before putting on the next layer. If you don’t, you won’t have distinct layers. Second, I would recommend keeping these in the fridge. The nougat gets pretty soft at room temperature. After you cut into them and then leave them out, the nougat will start oozing into the empty space in the pan. It’s never good to have a nougat-less snickers brownie. Finally, I would not add the butter to the chocolate topping. Whenever I make ganache, I just use heavy cream and chocolate. Instead of being a smooth and silky ganache, the butter made it slimy.  If you look closely at the photo, the chocolate topping set cloudy.  Nevertheless, these things are quite good.  I’ll make them again — minus the butter in the ganache.


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