Cookie Truffles

Last week I shared with you the success my mom and I have had in making cake balls.  There’s actually something else you can smash-up, roll into a ball, and dip in chocolate — store-bought cookies.  They too will cause your friends to sit back and oh and ah.  I’ve made them using regular Oreos, mint Oreos, Girl Scout Tag Along Cookies, Frosted Animal Cookies, the list continues on.  They are super simple — pulse approximately 16 ounces of cookies in your food processor until they turn into fine crumbs, mix in 6-8 ounces of softened cream cheese to create a sticky concoction, form into balls, freeze until firm, and then dip in melted chocolate.

A few weekends ago, Gray and I went home to visit my parents.  While there I discovered this recipe by — wait for it — Reese’s Nutter Butter Cookie Truffles.  I showed my mom the recipe and she said, “We can make those if you want.” Duh.  Of course I want.  Unfortunately we ran out of time.  She promised to hold onto the stuff until our next visit at Thanksgiving. I simply couldn’t wait.  I bought the stuff and made them today.  Sorry mom.

Anyone that knows me knows these two things — first, I LOVE peanut butter and second, I make a lot of desserts so it takes something really special to knock my socks off.  Let me tell you — these did.  It was simply peanut butter chocolate nirvana.






I’ve made Nutter Butter Truffles before but they weren’t this delicious.  It was the addition of the chopped mini peanut butter cups.  Genius.  Don’t worry mom.  We’ll can make another batch at Thanksgiving if you want……I want.



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