Butternut Squash Stew

Can you store butternut squash for a year?  Apparently so.  Last year, we had a slew of butternut squash come in on our garden.  At the end of last season, Matt put four boxes full upstairs in our storage room.  Over the course of the year I roasted it in the oven by itself and with other vegetables, put it in pasta, added it to risotto, made it into soup.  I actually got sick of butternut squash.

Over time I dwindled it down to two, and they sat on my counter in a pretty bowl for several weeks.  I think it was sort of an homage to the butternut squash because this year’s garden only produced four.

Given the cold weather of the last several days, I decided that Saturday night’s ‘dog’ dinner needed to be something hearty and filling.  I settled on this Butternut Squash Stew by Giada DeLaurentiis.

I need to interject here that my son, who is eight years old, will eat pretty much anything.  He asks for seconds and sometimes thirds of Brussels sprouts.  He will eat artichokes, turnips, and parsnips.  But for some reason, he’s decided he does not like butternut squash.  So when I put a bowl of stew in front of him, he said “Oh it’s that stuff I don’t like.”  I encouraged him to try it.  He took a bite and gave a high-pitched – “MMMMMM” and then ate away.  Score.  It really was delicious.

butternut squash stew

Now dessert, well that’s another story.  I’ve been dying to make a Milky Way Cake a la Paula Deen.  I’m not even going to add a link because it was so disappointing.  I guess because there was so much gooey caramel in the cake that it stuck — really badly.

Milky way cake disaster

I managed to somewhat cover the disaster with the frosting, pecans, and chocolate chips.

Milk way cake done

Overall the cake was rather dry.  But the frosting — it was fantastic.  It tasted like fudge.  As I cleaned up the cake disaster, I stood at the counter scraping the frosting from the wax paper and just eating it.  My advice — skip the cake.  It’s a lot of work without a great return.  Just make the frosting and eat it straight from the pan.  Next time that’s what I’ll do.


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