Cookie Marathon

In November, I told Matt that I would put together a very large cookie plate for his employees.  I did one last year, but I only made enough really for the office staff.  After I did it, I realized that I should have put enough on the plate so that the warehouse employees could be included too.  When I mentioned that I wanted to be sure to include all his employees, he asked, “why can’t we put together individual bags for everyone?”  Well because, my dear, when you put together a cookie plate, you count on 2 per person.  When you put together individual bags, you need to put 6+ things in each bag.  Then he had the nerve to ask, “is it really that much more work?” As Phineas Flynn would say, “Yes.  Yes it is.”

But being the wonderful wife I am, I agreed to bake enough so that everyone could have a cookie bag — and he could walk around hand delivering them.  The timing of his request wasn’t the greatest — with Thanksgiving, out-of-town guests, and such.  So I once again drafted my mom to help me.  While Gray and I were visiting at Thanksgiving, we made a double batch of each:

Peanut Butter Balls, Sugar Cookies, Ginger Snaps, Turtle Cookies, and Peanut Brittle. Here are some photos from our big adventure.

baking cookies with mom

sugar cookies

turtle cookies

peanut brittle

Gosh I owe my mom big.  Then when we returned, I made:

Oreos dipped in white chocolate, Buckeye Cookies, Nutter Butter Reindeer, 7-Layer Cookies, Peanut Butter Blossoms, and Brownie Cookies with Mint M&M’s.

oreos with sprinkles

buckeye cookies

reindeer cookies

The result – 40 bags similar to this:

cookie bags

And a bunch of really appreciative employees.  Plus I had enough cookies to give to friends and neighbors as we do every year.  I sat back Sunday, thankful that we were done with the big cookie adventure.  Now I can go back to just baking whatever I want — without a deadline.  But then Gray interrupts my thoughts with this question: “Hey Mom, will you make a giant Swiss Cake Roll for Christmas Eve?”  Let another baking adventure begin.


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