Italian Beef Sandwiches

I remember the first time my mom made these things for us.  I took the first bite — and wow — it was seriously delicious.  She’s been making them for years all the while telling me how easy they are.  I never tried making them at my house.  It was one of those items that I wanted to save for my visits home.  But given my lack of inspiration when it comes to roasts and the fact that there are several in the freezer from Crazy 44, I decided to give it a shot.

I’ll admit that I was worried a bit.  You know how certain foods taste better at someone else’s house?  I was afraid that might be the case here.  Not so.  These things rocked at my house too.

First, I took 2 1/2 pound chuck roast and this secret ingredient:

italian beef secret ingredient

Yes.  Italian dressing mix.  That’s the thing that gives this sandwich such great flavor.  I placed the roast in the crock pot, covered it with about a cup of water, and sprinkled a packet of Italian dressing mix over the top.  I put it on low and left it all day.  Later that evening, I took the meat out, shredded it, and placed it in a bowl with a little bit of the liquid.

Then I started assembling my sandwiches.  Here’s how it goes:

First, toast the hoagie rolls.  My mom says this keeps the bread from getting soggy.

italian beef 1

Add a couple slices of provolone cheese.

italian beef 2

Top the cheese with a hearty portion of the roast.

italian beef 3

Top the roast with some sautéed onions.  (Next time I’m also going to include sautéed mushrooms.)

italian beef 4

Wrap each sandwich in foil, and place them in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes just so the cheese gets nice and gooey.

italian beef 5

Then out pops this masterpiece.

italian beef 6

And man it is seriously delicious.

italian beef 7




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