Three Bean Chili

Chili?  But it has been 85 degrees outside for the last week.  I know.  We eat soup year-round in our house.  We all like it, and I can make it in batches and freeze it.  Then when Matt is traveling, I just pull a container out of the freezer, and Gray and I have a one-bowl meal that covers all the food groups.  Well, except for the chocolate food group.

I tend to experiment with chili recipes.  I’ve already shared the White Chili recipe I often make.  I also have another Chicken Chili recipe that calls for ground chicken, white beans, corn, and swiss chard.  Then there’s always Turkey Black Bean Chili.  Matt insists that these concoctions are not chili.  Chili, he says, is make of ground beef (he’d really prefer venison) and kidney beans.  So this Three Bean and Beef Chili recipe from Ellie Krieger makes us all happy.  It is full of vegetables, has great flavor along with a bit of heat, and man meat.

Three Bean Chili with ground beef

Speaking of heat, I must tell on myself.  The first time I used chipotle chile in adobo, I royally screwed up.  This was years ago — well before Gray, and I was making a new soup recipe.  I thought the recipe said one can of chipotle chile in adobo.  It actually said one chile from the can.  Matt’s face turned bright red after one bite.  Needless to say, I had to just throw the whole pot out.  Word of caution — always read the recipe carefully before adding ingredients.  This recipe calls for one chile — only.


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