If I could have any chef come over to my house and share their knowledge with me first hand, that chef would be Anne Burrell.  First, I’ve learned a number of things just by watching her Food Network Show “Secrets of a Restaurant Chef”.  Imagine what I could learn if I could spend the day asking questions and receiving correction on things I’m doing wrong.  Second, she has such passion and enthusiasm when it comes to cooking and food.  Third, I’ve made a number of her recipes, and they are all home runs.  I mean out of the ballpark home runs.  Finally, she regularly uses this phrase — “brown food tastes good”, and I just like that.

You all know that most Saturday nights, I go to a lot of trouble for dinner — even if it is just for me.  The just for me nights gives me the opportunity to make something I might not make if the boys are at home.  Last Saturday night, Matt and Gray were going to a Cub Scout campout, so I was on my own.  And Matt has decided to do this no-carb thing (It’s KILLING me), so that made it a perfect time for pasta!  But it couldn’t be any old pasta, it had to be stellar.  Enter Anne Burrell’s Lasagna.

If you decide to make this lasagna, and I highly recommend that you do, be prepared to spend 3+ hours in the kitchen.  Also be prepared to wash a lot of dishes.  But I did my prep work in advance (as Anne always says to do), cleaned up my mess, assembled the lasagna, cleaned up my mess again, and then placed it in the oven.  Then waited what felt like the longest hour and a half of my life.  I was starving.

When I finally sat down and took the first bite — oh my goodness — all that work was so worth it.  It is by far the best lasagna I’ve ever had.  Cheesy.  So incredibly flavorful.  I devoured it.  And because I cannot eat an entire pan of lasagna by myself, I made two in individual ramekins and then froze 2 8×8 pans for the day that Matt decides to eat carbs again.  Which can be any day now, if you ask me.

Invest the time.  Make this lasagna.  You’ll be glad you did.

Anne Burrell Lasagna

Click here for the recipe.


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