The First Annual Treading of the Grapes

Last Sunday on the way home from church, Matt had an epiphany.  He wanted to have a grape harvesting party, let the kids stomp the grapes, and then serve Italian food.  Have I ever mentioned that Matt has a ‘vineyard’?  I like to poke fun at him — and he typically takes it well.  He has around 40 plants and has tried his hand at making wine for the last few years now.  It has gone from flat-out terrible to relatively drinkable.  I’d call that progress.

Last Sunday the vines were loaded with ripe grapes, but he wanted to wait one more week as last year he felt he picked them a bit too early.  He extended invitations to The First Annual Treading of the Grapes, 22 folks committed, and then he left for Greensboro for the week.  I, of course, never paid a bit of attention to the grapes while he was gone.  All last week I made preparations for Saturday’s big meal by doing all the shopping, making meatballs ahead of time, and chopping vegetables.  Friday afternoon, I made Nutella Cookies and an Italian Cream Cake.

Saturday morning I had just finished my run and was walking toward our house, and Matt, in his truck, started heading my way.  He stopped, and I could just tell something was wrong.  “Have you seen the grapes?” he asked.  Of course, I don’t pay a bit of attention to the grapes so I missed the fact that critters of some sort had nearly stripped the vines clean.  He was so disappointed.  But, alas, 22 people would be there in a few hours….so the party went on with a small token picking and no stomping.



There’s always next year for that.

Now the meal was a huge success.  We started with Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus and Rosemary Parmesan Breadsticks while the kids enjoyed Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies.

me and food 3

Dinner consisted of Arugula Salad and Spaghetti and Meatballs. (Here’s the link to the marinara recipe I used.)

me and food 4

The troops were happy.


Finally dessert of Italian Cream Cake and a Gelato bar.

me and food 1

me and food 2

And while the grape thing was a bust, it was an evening of sheer happiness for me — getting to feed lots of people.




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