Layer Cookie Cake

Everyone that knows me, knows that I have a HUGE sweet tooth.  While I will never turn down pretty much any dessert, my two favorite dessert items are brownies and chocolate chip cookies.  When I saw this recipe from, I knew I had to make it.  I’ve been holding onto it for months, just waiting for Matt and Gray to be gone one weekend.  Not that I am trying to keep it from them — Gray would be excited by it, but Matt would roll his eyes and mumble something about another ‘Barbified’ dessert.

After the boys left for the farm last night, I checked my baking cabinet to make sure I had all the ingredients.  As luck would have it, I did.  So this morning I got up, ran 7 miles, and then quickly headed to the kitchen to start my masterpiece.

layer cookie cake good

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? But I have a confession.  I so desperately wanted to write this post, going on and on about how awesome and tasty this thing was, and let you all believe that I produced another flawless creation.  I could put this picture on Facebook for all my friends to see, and they would click like and make all kinds of wonderful comments……but then I’d be a phony perfect Facebook cook.

The truth is that my perfect creation lasted all of about 10 minutes before it started to collapse under its weight.  In the directions, she said to trim off the edges if they rise too much, making the entire cookie the same height all the way around.  I had a much better idea.  Why not fill that crater with frosting?  After all, if a little bit of frosting is good, then a lot of frosting is even better.  I made a double batch of frosting and got to work assembling after the cookies had cooled.

When I was finished, I stood back to admire my work.  This was going to be delicious.  I couldn’t wait to cut myself a perfect looking slice to not only eat but to also add to my post.  Plus, I’d had a good run this morning.  I was going to grill myself a piece of salmon for dinner.  All the calories would all balance out in the wash.  I was mighty pleased with myself, until I noticed that it was leaning back ever so slightly.  I turned it around to find that the bottom layer was starting to crack.  I quickly snapped the above photo so that I would have proof of my perfect masterpiece.

In a matter of two hours, it has gone from masterpiece to master flop.

layer cookie cake disaster

This photo doesn’t begin to do the flop justice.  I’d like to give you a better angle but I have it propped up against the back splash, and I fear that if I move it away from the support, it will completely cave in — all over the counter.

And so there is a part of me that is disappointed that I don’t have a perfect creation to cut into.  Then there’s this other part of me that can’t help but laugh just a little bit.  After all, her directions were specific, but I thought I knew better.  You’d think I’d learn.

If you’d like to try making this Cookie Layer Cake, just visit for the recipe, and I’d recommend following her directions to a tee.


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