matt and me 2011

When I met my husband in 1997, I knew that someday I’d be moving to Tennessee. I just figured I would be in my sixties. Five years ago, he drug me kicking and screaming from a life and career I loved in North Carolina to out in the middle of nowhere near Columbia, Tennessee. I’ll admit that the transition has been difficult, but slowly I am beginning to embrace my new surroundings. Luckily, I still get to work for my company in North Carolina as their Social Media Director. But now I am exposed to all kinds of crazy things — like watching for skunks, snakes, and wild boar while running; adopting multiple stray dogs; frogs in the house; milking a goat; having a vineyard. My mom keeps telling me I need to write a book. This is my attempt to chronicle my journey – mostly through our food and farm related escapades.


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